Mobile response team for biomass reclamation and carbon negative conservation services. We use regenerative and permaculture strategies to restore ecosystems and individuals.

our services


We help regenerate forests to their optimum level of health with the help of goats to reduce hazardous fuels and noxious weeds. 

Hazardous Fuel Reduction

We remove hazardous fuels from overloaded forests to mitigate the risk of catastrophic fire. 

extinguishing a forest fire

Biochar Carbon Sequestration

 We convert the hazardous fuels to carbon rich biochar and reapply to the soil where it belongs.

our expertise

Passionate CREWS

We work with individuals who love working outside in nature and aren't scared to get dirty.

ECO Friendly

Our services are good for the environment and all the stakeholders in the ecosystem.

REDUCing co2

Our practices of regenerative agroforestry are carbon negative and sequester co2.

If you have slash or biomass to remove
or need your forest cleaned
please let RAKE FORCE sequester the carbon

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