A Regenerative Agroforestry response to the forest fires that are ravaging the West every year.  We “Rake the Forests” by removing the deadfalls and overgrown underbrush that are making our fires worse. We don’t use rakes, we use forestry tools and goats to collect, graze the underbrush and process the woody debris. We turn the forestry waste into value-added products such as milled lumber, firewood, carbon rich biochar and carbon rich compost to use in regenerative agriculture. 

Rake Force regenerates the forest, and our farmland. We will regenerate farmland using biochar, compost and deep woody mulch. We use no-till, soil building methods. Healthy soil, healthy plant, more carbon sequestration, cleaner air, healthier planet, healthier people. 

We will expand and reforest native forests after forest fires and we will plant biodiverse perennial food production and more native forests. Chris Thobaben can design a drone system to shoot seedlings into the soil.

We will scale to offer victory garden and food forest services in urban areas. We will replace expensive lawns with a garden and productive edible, pollinator and all around better landscaping. 

Regenerative practices are not only regenerative to the forest and the soil, it’s regenerative to the person doing the work. I am an Iraq War Veteran with PTSD and this regenerative work has been regenerative to my soul. I know this work in the forests and on the farm is important and with building a team of veterans we’re rebuilding camaraderie we were missing from our time in the military. We know we can’t accomplish much by ourselves and with our own strength. Together we are strong and we can accomplish things we thought were impossible. 

We are veteran owned and veteran focused but we are not exclusive. We need more than veterans in this fight against forest fires caused by climate change and forest mismanagement. Imagine the Green New Deal without the policy. We don’t need government bureaucracies to save the planet. It can’t wait. We have to become innovative and do it ourselves.